Attractions Near Tropical Breeze

Venture on and off the beaten paths of Aruba

Aruba is home to many gems waiting to be discovered. Tourists can navigate the happy island by land, sea, or even submarine, promising a memorable trip. You can plan your itinerary and customize according to your preferences, or join an organized group or individual sightseeing tour to maximize the expertise of local guides.

Adventure travelers will enjoy exploring Aruba’s off-road trails and lesser known attractions, showcasing the island’s rough charm. The famous attractions offer an engaging way to connect with Aruba’s culture as well.

There’s no shortage of gems to see in Aruba, and Tropical Breeze is eager to share them with you. We can suggest crowd favorites and less popular attractions to make your Caribbean trip worthwhile.


    Explore a Variety of Activities

    Aruba offers e-bike, 4×4 Land Rover, motorcycle, and ATV tours for thrill seekers. Tours via bus, trolley, or on foot are also available for those who want a more relaxed experience. Families can visit child-friendly destinations, such as Seabob Aruba, Philip’s Animal Garden, Goshen Farm, and many more.

    You can rent a car and drive out to farther attractions, like Balashi Brewery & Beer Garden, Donkey Sanctuary, and Rancho Loco.


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