Markets Near Tropical Breeze

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Explore one of aruba’s landmarks in Oranjestad with exceptional architecture,
a variety of specialty venues, shops, luxury brand stores, jewelers, souvenirs and surf shops. Easy access to the bus station, flea markets, museums, surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. You will find everything you need to compliment your stay at the Royal Plaza Mall.

open from 9:30am – 6pm and closed on Sunday.

All the suites in Tropical Breeze come with a fully equipped kitchen, a fridge, and a cooler, so you can cook your favorite meals, have breakfast in bed, or pack some snacks for your adventures. The property is a quick drive from different supermarkets, letting you stock up on groceries easily. Aruba markets carry a diverse range of goods, from local produce to international name-brand products.

The closest stores are NG’s Supermarket, which is a Chinese grocery, and Sunny Supermarket. Shop for fresh meat and poultry at Noord Supermarket and Butcher Shop for your stay-in meals.

We suggest renting a car to make your food trips even more enjoyable, although you can hail taxis easily on the island.


The island also has farmers markets to promote locally sourced and made goods and products. Aruban artisans grow their own fruits and vegetables, make wine and liqueur, brew herbal teas and medicine, and more. You’ll also find handmade trinkets, such as jewelry, bags, decorative pots, and other souvenirs.

Ocean Inspired Cuisine

Many tourists visit Aruba to indulge in the island’s fresh seafood. You can have your fill of just-caught-fish in Hilton’s Seaside Fish & Seafood Market. Local fishermen deliver their catch of the day directly to the resort’s kitchen for nightly market dinners. Sample their daily special or have a custom-prepared main course with your choice of fish.

If you have food sensitivities and preferences, feel free to ask us at Tropical Breeze and we’ll happily recommend markets that cater to your eating habits.

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